+ Me (About)

This is where I come in. It’s time for me to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Basil Jackson and this is JB – a premier social media agency that specializes in working with creatives.

Being a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, I’ve had the opportunity to study from some of the best professionals in their fields, from pioneers to New York Times Bestsellers. At UPenn, I studied a combination of Psychology and Marketing; which means my insights in Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Social Media combine anecdote with reliable evidence, I’m not just winging it. With 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing in the Philadelphia area, I can provide the wind that your business needs in your sails.

But this is not my ‘Why’…

Clearly stated, I want to help creative professionals achieve their goals and maximize their ability to share their art with the world.

Do you do art? Great! Let’s work to grow your visibility.

Are you a writer? Cool, we can work on a strategy to get your work flying off the shelves.

You make music? That’s awesome – we can help build your fan-base.