Winning Business via Linkedin

Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Win New Business

Right now, 2018 seems to be the year where people are finally getting their act together on Linkedin, among other social media platforms. Everyday, we are experiencing an increase in the execution of impressive social campaigns. Thus, it makes sense that if you’ve popped your head out of the sand and found that everyone seems light-years ahead of you. With some help from this guide, you’ll soon turn that around. You won’t just be a Linkedin All-Star, but a full-fledged Super-Star!

Let’s start by reemphasizing how viable of a marketing tool LinkedIn is becoming. As mentioned on this podcast by Buffer, Linkedin users have topped 500 Million, representing around 25% of online adults. Combined with the recent explosion in content consumption – as much as 21%; you can make the case that Linkedin can be a prime place for content can engage your specific audience.

So where to start? Look below right here ⬇️

Know your Audience

While the advice ‘Know Your Audience’ may be as elementary as AIDA, it’s one of the things that if you’re not careful, can still sometimes escape you. In this Adweek article, expert Kristen Chiala says to, “take it a step further and develop personas so you can customize your content to that target audience.” Upon further examination, you realize this is near impossible to do if you do not know your true audience. I believe this is so important that I challenge you to take 30 seconds right now to describe your target audience in at most two sentences. Go ahead, I’ll wait.




See, that wasn’t that hard! If it was difficult, please take some more time to go back and flesh out your target audience on Linkedin. Remember, this channel is not the same as others you may use – the users and their motivations can be drastically different than, say a Facebook or an Instagram. If you need more help, Zach Bunick from ThriveHive has an article that outlines some great questions when gathering information about your target market.

Utilize a Showcase Page (For Small Businesses)

This may be useful for a select group out there, but I think this is so important for anyone with a business to consider. Showcase pages, allow you to run a page that is separate from your main company’s page. This can useful in a couple of scenarios, mainly if you have a product or service that you would like highlighted. You might consider showcase pages if you are targeting multiple personas/segments within your target audience.

I run one of my company showcase pages, and have been able to see over time how both our impressions and engagement have grown within our special-interest group. Here, most of the audience is passionate and dedicated to the topic. Ultimately, it all depends on if there’s a true need to serve specialized content; remember, these pages may not be right for every company out there. If you’re having trouble with building one you may need to rethink who your target audience is (see segment above).

There’s also the possibility that you might need to share powerful content, regularly, as this article suggests. Altogether, properly implemented showcase pages can help you find unfulfilled segments of your market – which could mean more $$$ for your business. If you’re still scratching your head and need help getting started, Social Media Examiner has a solid guide with examples. Take a look.

Write articles on LinkedIn

Another sure-fire tactic that can improve your awareness and engagement on Linkedin is by self-publishing articles. I have seen both myself and colleagues experience an uptick in exposure on the platform directly after publishing an article. Since Noah Kagan and Paul Shapiro have written a pretty comprehensive list of Linkedin Publishing Tips, I won’t belabor you with how I think you should write your articles. What I WILL do is say that you should be trying to get out long-form content as much as you can.

You don’t have to publish everything by yourself – try to rotate with your team on who writes on which topic. On my team, we’ll usually try to focus on different aspects of our field. By taking turns, we cover a multitude of topics while also lending a different voice each time. Overall, this tactic will effectively jumpstart both your sales and marketing efforts while boosting organic growth.

Invest in Video

Finally, this list would not be complete without diving a little bit into the advent of video on Linkedin. What Live video is doing to Facebook, the introduction of native video on Linkedin will have a positive impact for those who utilize the medium. The early stats back this up, as an eMarketer study shows almost a third of marketers rated video marketing on Linkedin as effective. Couple this information with predictions that video will account for at least 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, and you’re looking at the potential to be a big fish in a mid-sized pond.

Yet, this piece of advice comes with a caveat; you must keep your videos engaging. As we’ve see with Youtube, how much ‘watch time’ your videos garner can influence how the algorithms place your/your company in their feed. Thus any content produced will need to keep viewers watching. Besides, it would be just plain rude to waste someone’s time with sub-par content.

To summarize, I believe there are four main actions that you can take to compete in the increasingly crowded space that is Linkedin. Before you get anywhere, you must know and understand your audience to put together a strategy that meets their needs and/or solves a problem. Depending on your audience, you’ll then want to consider creating a showcase page that can further segment your customers. Combining this tactic with blog-form posts on Linkedin can propel your business into the eyes of new potential customers/clients. Finally, it’s time to embrace the shift to video by putting up native videos on Linkedin. All things considered, there are no hard and fast rules, so feel free to experiment with these and let me know what works for you.

Lastly, if you’ve found this helpful, please read my other articles, most notably one I wrote on Instagram.

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